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Political system of Canada and Australia
  • Canada
· the Governor General - Michelle Jean
· executive - the Cabinet, the Prime Minister (Stephen Harper, Conservative Party)
· legislative - the Senate (105 members, rejects bills past by the House of Commons) + the House of Commons (308 members elected in 308 constituencies, majority system of election every 5 years)
· judicial - the Supreme Court of Canada
· political parties - The Conservative Party of Canada (centre-right), The Liberal Party of Canada (centre-left), Quebec separatist, New Democratic Party (left position)
· Australia
· the Governor General - Ms Quentin Bryce
· executive - the Cabinet + the Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd - Apology to the Aborigines)
· legislative - the federal Parliament - the Senate (76 members, proportional system of election, every 6 years) + the House of Represetatives (148 members, every 3 years, majority system of election)
· judicial - the Supreme Court
Holidays and notable days in Great Britain
  • New Year´s Day
  • St. Valentine´s Day
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) - everybody expected to go to confession, abstinence, pancake race
  • St. David´s Day -March 1, patron saint of Wales
  • St. Patrick´s Day - March 17, patron saint of Ireland
  • St. George´s Day - April 23, patron saint of England
  • St. Andrew´s Day - November 30, patron saint of Scotland
  • Trooping the Colour - 1./2./3. Saturday in June, military parade, sovereign´s "official birthday"
  • Bonfire night = Guy Fawkes´ Night - November 5, 1605 - catholic conspirators tried to blow-up the Houses of Parliament
  • Christmas - Christmas Eve (December 24), Christmas Day (December 25) - dinner - roast turkey, pudding, Queen´s speech, Boxing Day (December 26)
Fauna in Australia
  • kangaroo
  • wombat
  • koala bear
  • platypus
  • echidna
  • dingo, anteater, black swan, Tasmanian devil, ...
The most important US presidents and their legacy
  • George Washington - 1. president, commander of forces in War of Independence
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt - ended the Great Depression by creating public work, New Deal, WWII
  • Harry S. Truman - Truman´s doctrine - against spreading of communism
  • Dwight Eisenhower - Korea war
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy - The Civil Rights Act against racial discrimination, segregation in the schools
  • George Bush - "war against terrorism" - war in Afghanistan 2001, invasion to Iraq
  • Barrack Obama - has to solve economical crises, said that every American has to have health insurance
The most important monarchs in English history
  • Alfred the Great - the first king of England
  • John Lackland - 1215 MCHL
  • Henry VIII - 1534 the Church of England
  • Elizabeth I - 1588 destroyed Spanish Armada, piracy, Elizabethan Age, trade companies, mercantilism
  • William od Orange - Book of Rights, 1688 Glorious Revolution (James II)
  • Victoria - Victorian Age, colonial expansion to Africa, greatest sea, commercial, colonial, financial, industrial power
Holidays and notable days in the US
  • New Year´s day (January 1st) - New Year´s Resolutions
  • St. Valentine´s Day (February 14) - Valentine - Christian saint, priest in ancient Rome who helped young lovers to marry, martyred, today: greetings card industry, massive increase in the sale of red roses
  • Easter - on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox (rovnodennost), crucifiction and ressurection of Jesus Christ, egg - symbol of rebirth and fertility, tradition - wearing new clothey, the Easter Sunday roast: lamb, special cakes - hot cross buns
  • Independence Day (July 4) - 1776 the Declaration od Independence
  • Halloween (October 31) - the Celtic festival, symbolised the death of the summer, costumes - trick or treat, Jack-o-lanterns made of pumpkins, apple-bobbing
  • Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November) - 1621 the Puritans, harvest of corn, thanksgiving dinner - roast turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, pumpkin pie
  • Christmas
The Great Depression and Prohibition in the US (Roosevelt)
  • Depression - 1929 24 October "Black Friday"
  • Prohibition - had to prevent criminality and alcohol drinking but it had the opposite effect so the law was annuled
The Civil War in the US
· 1820 - the Missouri Compromise - tryed to keep balance between slave and non-slave states
· first half of the 19th century - the North (industrial area, factories) X the South (agricultural, dependent on the slaves´ work)
· the Cotton Boom - English textile factories needed more cotton
· 1860 Abraham Lincoln president, didn´t agree with slavery
· 1860-1861 - southern states formed the Confederacy → the Civil War started
· 1862 - Lincoln - Emancipation Proclamation (said, that all slaves should be free)
· 1865 - North victory, slavery abolished

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